When I think back on my wedding day just 4 years ago three words come to mind, genuine, joyful and unforgettable…

My Dad started crying walking me down the aisle, (First and oldest of three girls!) Blake, my husband, saw and started to tear up, then I started to cry, it was genuine soggy mess. (For the record, we’re not usually too sappy a bunch.) I had my best friends and sisters standing behind me, Blake had his guys behind him. We were both smiling ear to ear, hearts overflowing with joy. Then our families, both sides surprised us with a FLASH MOB during dinner! From start to finish, the whole day was unforgettable and that’s my wish for you.

While every wedding is unique, these are three things I hope are true of your wedding day too and I hope myself and the RWP team can be the crew to capture it for you. 🙂

Hope to see you soon!




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